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Aug 01

Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 25, 31st July, 2013

Paternal age and fertility Maternal age plays a major role in determining a woman’s fertility, regardless of the means used to achieve pregnancy (except donor egg) Women under 30 years old have higher pregnancy rates at three, six and 12 months than women over 30 years old. Women are generally aware of the reproductive issues …

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Jul 17

Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 24, 17th July, 2013

Intimate partner violence Short surveys for practicing clinicians — Several variations of short questions have been developed for use in the course of a patient visit. Following tools have high sensitivity and specificity: Food should be properly cooked for the right time and at the right temperature. HITS (Hurt, Insult, Threaten, Scream) (English and Spanish versions) STaT …

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Mar 28

Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 10, 28th March, 2013

  Editorial Childhood exposure to intimate partner violence Intimate partner violence is a common form of violence against women. Between 25 to 35 percent of women in the United States have suffered violence from an intimate partner at some point in their lives. Intimate partner violence against men also occurs. One in four men experiences …

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Mar 13

Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 8, 13th March, 2013

  From the Desk of Dr KK Aggarwal ( Co-Chairman & Editor ) Adult age 16 or 18 Of late there has been a debate about whether the adult age should be 16 or 18. Medically, there cannot be a line which divides an adolescent from an adult. It will always be a range. Medically, …

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