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Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 22, 3rd July, 2013

  Intimate partner violence


 1. The term intimate partner violence described actual or threatened

psychological or physical or sexual harm by a current or former partner    or spouse.

2.IPV can occur amongst hetero sexual or some sex couple and does    not require sexual intimacy.

3. Care of IPV patients require a team approach involving medical,    institutional and community resources.

4. IPV patients should be assessed for safety even if they deny their    danger.

5. Counseling is the main treatment.

6.  All over the world, IPV requires a mandate of reporting.


What should I do if I am sexually assaulted (a patient informed material)

1.  Find a safe place away from the person who attacked you.

2.  Call a person who can give you support, no matter what.

3.  Call your doctor.

4.  Go to an emergency room.

5.  Your doctor may give you a pill to reduce your chances of pregnancy     if you are a woman or preventing you from an infection.

6.  Once you go to the emergency room informing police is their      responsibility.

7.   Do not clean up before you see a doctor.

8.   Do not change cloth.

9.   Do not take a shower or bath.

10.  Do not brush your teeth.

11.   Do not douche.

12.  Do not eat anything till you see a doctor.

13.  Find a counselor.

14.  See your doctor again within one to two weeks.

15.  Ask about the victim compensation options.

16.  Protect others if you might have an infection.





Dr Vinay Aggarwal, President, Elect CMAAO

Dr K Vijayakumar (National President) IMA

Dr N Saini (Secretary General) IMA

Dr M Pillai (Chairman Organising Committee)

Dr D R Rai (Organising Secretary)

Dr S Arulrhaj (Chairman Scientific Committee)

Dr KK Aggarwal (Co-Chairman & Editor)

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