Aug 22

Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 27, 21st August, 2013

  1. Elder Mistreatment is the term used to new elder abuse, neglect and exploitation and is perpitrated by those with ongoing relationship that involves a expectation of responsibility towards the elder victim. 
  2. Elder mistreatment or elder abuse may be physical, emotional and/or sexual.
  3. The first obligation of the healthcare worker in conjuction with social worker of the society is to assure safety of at risk elder.
  4. Indicators of sexual abuse in elderly:

    a.Pain or sternness in the anal, genital area

    b.Evidence of venereal disease in the oral, anal, or genital regions

    c. Rectal bleeding

    d. Bruises or larval on the valva on the abdomen or breast.

  5. Bruises ulcers do not necessarily indicate elderly neglect but may occur more rapidly if the standard of care for prevention is not adhered to in a patient at risk is willful failure to follow the standard of care is an abuse.
  6. Dehydration may be a sign of elder neglect, denial of elder needs, assistance to be able to take sufficient fluids.
  7. Spiral fractures, fractures in wrist, hip or vertebrata in an elder person may be a symptom of elderly abuse.





Dr Vinay Aggarwal, President, Elect CMAAO

Dr K Vijayakumar (National President) IMA

Dr N Saini (Secretary General) IMA

Dr M Pillai (Chairman Organising Committee)

Dr D R Rai (Organising Secretary)

Dr S Arulrhaj (Chairman Scientific Committee)

Dr KK Aggarwal (Co-Chairman & Editor)

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