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Be Human Stop Child Abuse : Vol 26, 7th August, 2013

  1. Children and adolescents in the United States spend an average of 6.5 hours per day watching television, playing video games, or using computers. Children’s television (particularly cartoons), movies, music videos, and video games are potential sources of violent content. 
  2. The effect of viewing violence depends upon the amount, the context in which it is seen, and the social message that accompanies the presentation. Televised violence differs from real violence in ways that affect its impact on children and adolescents. Media violence often is perceived as socially acceptable and without consequence. 
  3. Childhood television viewing is associated with increased risk of subsequent violence by demonstrating a temporal relationship; consistency, strength, and specificity of the association; and a coherent explanation for the association. 
  4. Some individuals are strongly affected by certain program elements, whereas other elements have no effect. The effect on individuals is influenced by temperamental and environmental variables. 
  5. Adverse effects of increased exposure to media violence may include

    a. Increased tendency to behave violently toward others (aggressor effect)b.Increased fearfulness of becoming a victim, with a resultant increase in self-protective behavior

    c.Increased callousness and desensitization toward actual violence (bystander effect)

    d. A cycle in which aggressive children who watch television violence identify with violent characters, act like those characters, and seek out more and more violent programming.


  6. Pediatric care providers can address the problem of media violence and associated violent behavior at three levels: the family, the community and school, and the legislative and regulatory approaches.





Dr Vinay Aggarwal, President, Elect CMAAO

Dr K Vijayakumar (National President) IMA

Dr N Saini (Secretary General) IMA

Dr M Pillai (Chairman Organising Committee)

Dr D R Rai (Organising Secretary)

Dr S Arulrhaj (Chairman Scientific Committee)

Dr KK Aggarwal (Co-Chairman & Editor)

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